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The Power of Positivity

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Coming to the United States from another country and seeking to join an American workforce can be daunting; it’s a major transition known to present a wide variety of hardships--some expected and some not. Regardless, foreign-trained professionals are constantly searching for ways to rise above the challenges that may come their way.

Though she wishes to keep her identity private, a recent client has agreed to share her story with others, detailing her personal struggles in navigating the healthcare field as a skilled immigrant.

“When I arrived [to the United States], I was pregnant,” [anon] says, feeling that the odds were against her. But taking time to nurture and raise her newborn gave her time away from her profession to “do some personal learning” and volunteer work.

“I was a victim of racism,” she shares, “but with my self esteem and God's hand, I deal with it.”

During time spent in a domestic abuse shelter, [anon] says she learned to find strength within herself to look past prejudice and push forward: “My personal experience in the shelter was very hard, but that gave me a lot of opportunities to learn how to face some difficulties, solve problems and get stronger.”

By the time [anon] was prepared to fully immerse herself in the job search process, she says that she was “ready to learn, be positive and make some sacrifices.”

In March of 2018, [anon] began working with OnWord Partner.

“[Anon] is so motivated,” OnWord Partner president Shelly Hedstrom, says about the client. “Working with another healthcare professional through OWP, [anon] got her license as a medical assistant from the American Registry of Medical Assistants, based here in Massachusetts.”

Within a very short time, [anon] was hired by a local health center.

Assured that her journey is not yet over, [anon] says that she is still pursuing opportunities to advance further within in her field.

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