Our work at OnWORD Partner focuses on the process - rather than the product - of becoming a professional in the U.S. Successful professional integration requires goal-setting, networking, determination, and enhanced English language skills. Along the way, our clients become self-empowered as professionals. The clients you see here recognize this process-oriented approach to success.



Afsaneh is a physician from Iran with ten years of experience working with marginalized and underserved populations in small villages in Iran and throughout the Greater Boston area. Afsaneh had her own private practice in Tehran before moving to the U.S. Since that time, she has served tirelessly as a healthcare advocate helping immigrants and Americans alike on her journey to an internal medicine residency in the Boston area.



Growing up in Russia and spending time in Paris, Evgeny earned a degree and worked in finance and banking before coming to the U.S. After working in customer service for several years, Evgeny realized his professional interests had changed. He is presently studying psychoanalysis at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis with the dream of one day establishing his own practice to work with college-age clients.



Jaime is an architect from Spain. Having worked in various EU countries, Jaime's portfolio includes designs that are both eco-friendly and global in nature. Jaime is in the process of becoming a licensed architect in the U.S.

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